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Originally Posted by kman22 View Post
That's why it matters. They get gardner back, and their lineup is much stronger than ours. If the red sox are going to contend with a weaker lineup and at least the same amount of questions in the rotation, I'm not sure where their edge is exactly.

They finished last in the division with half a season of Agon, does swisher really make up for that departure, plus the huge gap in the standings. I doubt it, so i wouldn't burn a draft pick for him. That goes for the other qualified free agents, save for hamilton on the right deal.
i actually feel better about our pitching then i would if i had theirs. Lester shouldnt have another bad year, he's durable, in his prime and has the coach he had back when he was at his best. bucholz is another guy in his prime coming off a really strong year (if you exclude april, may and the first half of june). I attribute his bad start to bad off season work habits, and if he can come into spring training in shape he could also have a banner year. add in an improving doubront, a steadily mediocre lackey and another arm or two (morales? acquisition?) and this rotation could be strong.

obviously the bullpen has questions but they could be great too. bailey needs a bounce back year and thats probably the most important. I liked what i saw out of miller most of the year and theres a couple strong options for long relief with tazawa and mortensen, who both pitched well in spurts. Melancon and bard are huge questions but they aren't necessary for a strong bullpen, and if they can find some answers this offseason, the sox are looking at 5-6 guys who can really help them out of the pen.

The yankees meanwhile have phillip hughes, who has battled consistency and health issues throughout his career. as has ivan nova. CC sabathia is 32 years old, just about at the edge of his prime, and at his size, and injury problems this past year, he might fall off the rails. He could be a cy young candidate as well, but its closer to 50-50 odds between the two than it is improbable for either situation.
Kuroda is 37ish, maybe 40, and it would be amazing if he could do what he did for them last year. another candidate to get shelled early and often all year long. pineda is coming off tommy john, so another big question mark. So they could be a strong staff, but i think its more likely boston has a great year in the rotation then the yankees do.

the one edge NY has is the bullpen. they are losing soriano most likely, but with rivera and robertson thats a great 1-2 punch. boston could have a stronger bullpen in terms of depth, but it would be difficult for them to replicate the 8th and 9th innings that the yanks can put up.

I say edge boston, in terms of overall pitching, and it could be by a significant margin if kuroda shows his age, CC starts to break down, and pineda takes another year to get his confidence back with his arm strength NY could be the 2012 red sox. especially since they are tied to the shell of A-rod, an old raul ibanez, an old eric chavez (seriously i thought he had retired several years ago after oakland) and an old derek jeter. these geisers have to start slowing down sooner or later don't they? i'll throw in an oft-injured brett gardner for good measure and the yankees could be in for a perfect storm that leads to a dismal season. give me the red sox team of 2013 over the yankees and call me an idiot next september when NY somehow wins the division again.

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