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11-26-2012, 07:18 PM
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Finished the campaign on Black Ops 2 the other night.....I highly recommend.

Those of you who say your are CoD'd out, but may still have interest in the campaign, I suggest finding a used copy or renting it for a week when the price is right.

I will be playing the campaign again at least 2-3 more times, and not just to get all the challenges/achievements, but just to see all the possible situations/different outcomes you can get into.

This is not your average CoD campaign, it has a bunch of new features. As I played the Modern Warfare campaigns, I loved their story line. This one has a good story line (maybe not great, but good) and the added choices you can make as you go through it are very interesting. Plus you really grow to absolutely despise the bad guy, which makes the end of the game so interesting as well.

I'm doing my best to say all this without giving much away, since I personally prefer to be taken by surprise.

Unfortunately the Multi-Player has just been OK so far. There are 1-2 maps that are good, a few that are OK, and a number that are downright no fun....looks like I'll actually be spending money to download new map packs when they become available.

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