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11-26-2012, 07:43 PM
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Originally Posted by HawksFan74 View Post
Merle's opinion. Governor had not been there as far as we know. You are overstating all of this. They took the prison, yes. The also lost T-Dogg and Lori in the process. Herschel lost a leg and nearly died as well as Carol was left for dead. You really think the Governor's group would have had the same difficulties with this? They have better weapons and there are more effective fighters in that group.

Rick's group doesn't stand a chance in a stand up fight with the Governor's group. It really shouldn't play out that way.

Somebody mentioned Michonne looked impressed as the group worked together. She was watching the prisoner and my thought was she wasn't impressed at all. Of course, that's how she always looks.
I'm just going off what the show has given us. We don't know there are better fighters in their group, Glenn escaped and killed a zombie while being duct tape to a chair, the writers were purposefully showing us what they're capable of. The guards of Woodbury shoot at zombies from a distance, and have probably been living a pretty easy life for a while.

I think Rick's group should handle the Governor's men like they do zombies. Try and separate them, use stealth and attack one by one. If they go in guns blazing its just poor writing imo.

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