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Originally Posted by pseudonymous01 View Post
Painful? Because i disagree with your assessment of a player. So painful.

I have given lots to back up my opinions.

I could list the top 4 of all teams and count the players who lack both those attributes and the list would be extremely short but then you can say that my opinion that its not exactly a good chance he makes it into the top 4 is outrageous and "painful"

Look what Tyler Ennis is doing, if a team had a player of his size on their farm team, do you think they'd think hes got a good shot? No. Its a big uphill battle for player that lack certain attributes

And regarding Vlasic, and like most players you'll mention, they had the ability to put up numbers prior to and during the NHL. Which i mentioned previously, if you put up mediocre numbers and dont have strength, you typically wont be a top 4. Vlasic put up big numbers in junior and on top of that, put up numbers in the nhl

People are arguing my points without reading all my posts
A quick scan of Top 60 players by ES ice-time yielded 5 names of players that clearly don't have either a shot or much strength: Vlasic, MacDonald, Butler, Larsson and Martin. You could easily add Bouwmeester to that list since he doesn't play physical and shies away from contact despite his fairly good frame. I could easily put together more names, especially now that I look at the next 60 names.

A more accurate statement would be that to be a Top 4 defenseman you need to excel at one or two things and do those really well. Tanev has that: his hockey IQ, his skating and his first pass. The rest doesn't matter, he can get by just using those three qualities. Doesn't mean he's guaranteed to make it as a Top 4 guy but I wouldn't bet against him at this point.

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