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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
If you mean that white guy, then yeah, he did. So did the other farmer's daughter, but neither of them go...

The Governor's group can't do what Rick's group can because they're not battle tested.

I think the Governor eliminates other "Threats" because if people have a choice they'll choose to not be a part of his group. To him, there's his group of people and then the rest.

How does that Lumberjack survive there that long and have no idea there's a zombie apocalypse... It's remote and all, but with that many walkers outside he should have seen them before...
he's crazy. He's living with his dead dog.

I still question how someone in that state was able to survive so long. It's possible i guess he was just living off the land and hadnt actually encountered the walkers until rick et al drew them to the cabin, but guys like that would probably be covering a large area of the forest every day looking for food, so it's not really plausible.

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