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11-26-2012, 08:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Sinurgy View Post
You totally lost me here. I get that you're just frustrated in general but I don't see the connection between poor CEO performance and NHL salaries.

I agree with your general sentiment, watching millionaires and billionaires squabble over money is disturbing. That said, of the two parties, I don't understand why your ire is directed more towards the millionaires than those who could literally misplace a million and not even notice. Reminds me of that Chris Rock sketch were he talks about rich vs wealthy. Yeah Shaq is rich but the guy who signs Shaq's checks is wealthy. "Ah, here you go, Shaq. Go buy yourself a bouncing car. Bling, bling!"
You brought up how these players are a special breed, are the CEO's of big companies that fail really the best at what they do to be in that position, and get those bonuses they get? I understand, there are only a certain amount of people that can play hockey in the NHL on this planet, but are they any better than those CEOs that ran failed companies, etc. Mainly saying, people get paid more than they deserve. I wish teachers and public service members(police, fire, medics) got paid more than they do, but it just doesn't work that way.

My ire is directed towards the players because they took so long to start negotiating. It might have been a tactic that might help them, sure, but they still waited so long to get back to the negotiation table, knowing no hockey was a very high probability.

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