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Originally Posted by rt View Post
I suppose for the NHLPA X appears to be every penny of money that would've been owed in the last CBA. The NHL seems only willing to pay out a very large chunk of X.

Does anyone have any idea what percentage of X the NHL's "Make Whole" offer represents? I know it's hard to calculate due to the season's inevitable prorated or lost wages for this season, and the inevitable tremendously reduced HRR due to fan backlash over the work stoppage.

Let's say they could cram 75% of a season in if they came to an agreement today. Let's say HRR growth is 5% by some miracle straight from the heavens.

Anyone have a clue what percentage the "Make Whole" amount would be?
I'm not sure we know for certain what X is in all the discussions. Reportedly the league's offer was 50/50 for all years, with a total make whole amount of $211m that might have financial conditions that could adjust it downward. The PA [Fehr] has claimed their proposal represents only $182m more, leading a lot of articles to report the PA is asking for $393m in make whole, but it's not clear if the PA is using the same framework that the NHL is using. Bill Daly of the NHL has said the gap is larger than $182m, which if true would lead one to believe the PA's make whole proposal is unlinked or has other conditions that could lead to it being larger than $182m.

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