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11-26-2012, 09:35 PM
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Originally Posted by TCsmyth View Post
I kinda like the idea of Kane with Scheifle also. You guys know those little moments in a game that you rewind the PVR...there was one of those for me during preseason last year. I can't remember the team or defenseman, but someone took a shot at Scheifle at the end of a play behind the net. Kane was immediately in his face with ill intent. Made me kinda think there was a bit of a "don't touch our young guy, or I will Matt Cooke you" moment coming out of Kane. Even though he is only 20 or 21, maybe riding wing for a guy like Scheifle might mature Kane a bit.

Am I reaching with that thought process?
Originally Posted by YWGinYYZ View Post
Not in my mind, you're not: I could see it happening. Not sure why, but I could definitely see those two having some chemistry - Camara's got a similar style to Kane (though nowhere near as fast/athletic) and the chemistry and camaraderie between the slick centre and crash/bang winger works very well.

Kane loves to score, Scheifele loves to feed people that like to score (even though he's developing his inner sniper ), and they both want to win badly.
It's nice to have different styles and I could see this working. thankfully Kane is a few years older because his hockey IQ is lower than Mark's so the experience probably readies him to be ready to mesh with mark. I remember Messier talking about Kane last year and how he (Mess) was similar at the same point in his career and Mark said what got him to the next level was being paired with Anderson and finding chemistry, also learning how to do the give and goes and specifically what to do without the puck. He said he felt that was the next stage for Kane and he was sure it would happen. I remember I was quite suprised at first then pretty blown away when Mess and Andy started getting it together and once they did they were unstoppable when they were on. It never really mattered who the other winger on their line was they were a two man unit. I was a young season ticket holder in Edmonton back then and Mess and Andy got very sheltered minutes because the other teams were going crazy trying to stop Gretz.
Back to our boys, The nice thing about Schief is that he is excellent at his positioning and pouncing on rebounds (naturally opprotunistic) and both those skills come in handy with a guy like Kane who cuts a wide swath and shoots allot. Honestly Mark is the kind of guy I can see fitting in pretty well with any of our top 6 players.

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