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A few of the criticisms of the last thread:

Re. 'Why didn't Glenn and Maggie just lie and say they were at the farm or were separated from Rick's group?'

Merle already knew the farm was deserted courtesy Andrea.

Glenn had already told Merle they were still with Daryl. That means they know where Rick's group is hiding.

Re. Breaking Bad comparison

In my opinion, it's really, really a stretch to say Rick and Walter are following a similar developmental arc.

Walt's story is like a Greek tragedy; his ego is his hubris, it is insatiable and leads him to make increasingly worse moral decisions that plunge him further and further into a world that is hostile and foreign to him, all the while intensifying his misery.

Rick is a leader struggling to balance survival and his moral character. His transformation is not driven by an increasingly exposed character flaw. His development is actually the opposite of Walt's self-indulgence; it's more about his ability to set aside his self-reservations to ensure the survival of the group in a foreign, hostile environment that was forced on him (rather than created by his own actions).

Re. Daryl's never-ending supply of arrows.

I figure they go out fairly often for supplies, and it's entirely possible that Daryl simply scavenges for arrows then.

Originally Posted by wedge View Post
I don't like Andrea but you have to put yourself in her situation. You've been struggling with life for more than a year and you find a place where there are no walkers. The governor has always been nice to her and she has no way to know what happens being the scene. Michonne investigated because she's a survivor.

After more than a year fighing death and find yourself in what seems to be a paradise, I'm sure most of you would do exactly like her and think you've finally found a place to be happy and survive.

plus the governor is taking advantage of her needs for alcohol.
My gripe is that she was a human rights lawyer, so you'd figure she'd have some intuitive sense of whether someone is lying or being honest.

Originally Posted by yakitate304 View Post
Fantastic episode.

Just one hitch for me, and maybe I'm missing something... Merle & co. capture Maggie and Glen, who are clearly by themselves. Why would the Governor assume that their group is searching for Woodbury to rescue them? They think Michonne is dead, so the only person who might have been in the area to witness what went down, and who knows where Woodbury is, is a non-issue in their eyes.
Originally Posted by HawksFan74 View Post
Merle's opinion. Governor had not been there as far as we know. You are overstating all of this. They took the prison, yes. The also lost T-Dogg and Lori in the process. Herschel lost a leg and nearly died as well as Carol was left for dead. You really think the Governor's group would have had the same difficulties with this? They have better weapons and there are more effective fighters in that group.

Rick's group doesn't stand a chance in a stand up fight with the Governor's group. It really shouldn't play out that way.

Somebody mentioned Michonne looked impressed as the group worked together. She was watching the prisoner and my thought was she wasn't impressed at all. Of course, that's how she always looks.
Originally Posted by Protest the Hero View Post
I'm just going off what the show has given us. We don't know there are better fighters in their group, Glenn escaped and killed a zombie while being duct tape to a chair, the writers were purposefully showing us what they're capable of. The guards of Woodbury shoot at zombies from a distance, and have probably been living a pretty easy life for a while.

I think Rick's group should handle the Governor's men like they do zombies. Try and separate them, use stealth and attack one by one. If they go in guns blazing its just poor writing imo.
I'd agree that Rick's group is generally more hardened than Woodbury. We already saw that Woodbury's guards include people with minimal experience killing (Gargiulo, the chick with the bow who couldn't hit a walker).

Less seriously, Rick's group has insta-headshots, so they've obviously got an advantage. Especially if it comes down to a headshots only game.

My own random thought:

I enjoyed the stark contrast between how Michonne was introduced to Rick's 'good' group and the Governor's 'evil' group. Rick treats her with hostility and scrutiny at first, while the Governor was very friendly and welcoming. In 'regular' society, Rick's hostility would be a red flag that he's dangerous and not to be trusted. In the zombie-world, that hostility is actually the genuine and appropriate response to meeting someone new. The Governor's welcoming is the opposite. Being friendly and welcoming is the norm in our society, but in the zombie-apocalypse, it's a red flag that you're up to no good - that you've got a trick up your sleeve and are just trying to drop their guard.

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