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11-26-2012, 09:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Stoneman89 View Post
Did our own self professed entertainment/marketing guru Len Rhodes set up the half-time show? Looked like his work to me. Kicked off by a once great artist who is now an old man who looks sickly and ancient with a withered voice, followed by what can loosely be described as a one hit wonder female sandwiched in between a couple teen trans-gender acts. The only thing missing was a command performance by Vanilla Ice to finish up.
Gawd that was awful. I thought I was being punished yesterday. Between the game and the halftime entertainment it was half baked. Wasted time really.

I love lightfoot but it was sad just the same. A reminder to us all of our time coming.

Then you get these relative babies dancing around on stage.

Couldn't believe that first band. Lets see, androgynous, metrosexual, drag makeup, appeals to 12 yr old girls. I kept thinking who recommends this as entertainment to a GRey Cup inebriated football crowd. Not even the ditz cheerleaders were cheering. Can't even remember the name of the group, something Marianas Trench, as in they should stay there. Deep under the sea. Good name, thats it.
Next some poptart with face by mattel bouncing around like a 10yr old boytoy. The cheerleaders eating it up and singing along to something I've never heard before and don't care to again. The literal death of music. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse than Lady Gaga. This is what we'e offering the world stage. Oh ****, I apologize. To think we used to offer good music to the world.

Next the most recent boyband wonderthing for 10yr old girls to cry into their pillows at night. If theres a boy, anywhere, listening to this pablum crap and buying albums I'd recommend medical intervention fast. Maybe emergency testosterone injection, something. Gawd..

Again could there be anymore unlikely Grey Cup entertainment for an alcohol fueled adult crowd and on a national stage.

jebus this is the first one where I walked right out and started making some more snacks. I think I threw some Black Sabbath on just to get the clowing ****ing poptart syrup out of my ears.

Then the 2nd half came and more bad viewing. ****..

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