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Originally Posted by UnrefinedCrude View Post
What you don't understand is that almost no teams spend to the upper limit of the salary cap. this might suggest that they don't have enough money to do so.
What are you babbling about? Last season 10 teams spent within $2M of the cap.

If/when the CBA is removed, and the salary cap and the upper limit on single contracts are removed from the equation the price for top tier players will go up drastically. The price for the next level will go up as well, though not as much.
This will probably happen.

Teams don't magically have more money to spend on payroll (outside of a few who will stock up on as many upper tier players as they can.
I'd say it is more than a few who will be able to spend more. The Original 6 teams, Philly, Vancouver, Pittsburgh could all spend more.

So given teams have just spent more money on the high level talent, but don't have larger payroll budgets, what do you think will happen to the contract offers the bulk of the remaining players will get? Keep in mind they will have to negotiate all contract terms individually.
Teams will have larger payroll budgets. If teams wouldn't have larger payrolls without the cap there would be no need for the cap.

Do you magically believe that they will somehow be offered more money than teams have to spend, and/or that they will somehow be offered anything less than the smallest benefit packages the teams can manage?
Competition for players who are better than mediocre will see them get far more than the smallest benefit packages. Any player who is making more than the league minimum or is not on a 2 way deal will have enough leverage for that. Otherwise why are they not being paid the minimum or on a 2 way contract?

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