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Originally Posted by notstatsman View Post
There are two major problems in wolf country. The owner is out of touch with reality, if for a single moment he can honestly say his son belongs in this league he is delusional. The kid is downright awful. Enough said. The coach is terrible at developing players Kontos left because of Cull berating him at every turn. Campagna wanted out and probably would welcome a trade to any team but because of his lack of development he has very little value in a trade.

So the owner is not going anywhere that means Cull must go but whomever replaces him must be willing to play CB. Sounds like more of the same old same old no future in wolf country.
Last year, Kontos and Campagna were fighting for 2nd line time, and one had to go. I would assume that Kontos asked for the trade.

This year, Campagna has been playing really well offensively, and worked great with Corrado on point on PP. You would think that Cull would put Sefton or Kantor in front of net on PP, and have Corrado and Campagna on point, and Leivo and Pancel/Silk on wings.

Last game he had Sefton on the half wall, and Kantor in front of net. Sefton is useless on the half wall- BAD COACHING.

Campagna and Leivo have been Sudbury's best offensive threats this year, and it would be nice to see them play together with Pancel or Silk.

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