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11-26-2012, 10:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Joseppi View Post
They did that with an operating budget of around 4% of the federal budget. They're working with around 0.5% today, with many more missions ongoing.

I do agree with you, but there are limitations on what NASA can do at this point in time. Because of the nearly all-time low funding (only their first 2 years had lower funding), they're limited in their scope. What they need is a commander in chief willing to make that decision to ramp up the manned space program and divert funding from other federal projects. Where that money is going to come from, I'm not sure, but it needs to happen.

Skylab, Mir, and the ISS have gone a long way in helping us discover how to make a sustainable environment - but true habitation and long distance missions are going to be another beast entirely. We need to take those first steps on the path of discovery. We need an explorer on the frontier.

A lunar colony.
If I recall correctly from your posts in the past you're someone who is very interested in space/astronomy, if so, you might want to check out an AMA that happened on ****** today of a scientist who is currently working on the james webb telescope.


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