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11-26-2012, 10:25 PM
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Originally Posted by harpoon View Post
Absolutely. He seems like a hard working guy and the sort of player who listens to what he's told.
Some talent to go with those attributes would be nice however.

Thing is guys like that can be picked up for a song any day of the season. What did Jones cost us again?
Spending years developing a third line checker doesn't seem like the best use of a roster spot to me.

I don't think much of your criticism was too off base... but again... expectations vs potential return on investment. Guys like PRV will stick around for exactly the reason you mentioned above... a guy with a good attitude/receptivity, great skaing and aggravating habits can be taught.

Safer puck possession, for example... can be taught.

Also... what are we losing in this effort? We aren't wasting a roster spot on him. He's in the AHL where he's learning from our future head coach and it costs us little. He may stay there again this year... so what? Are you worried that he bumped Ryan Keller off the Barons? Is that a better use of PRV's current spot?

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