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11-26-2012, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
Give me a break. "Just wrestling." Do you know what you're talking about? GSP is the most effective wrestler in UFC history, and the last person to submit him off the bottom was Matt Serra in ADCC when GSP was a purple belt. He has the ability to take Anderson down, keep him there, and impose his game from the top, and he can do it for 5 rounds. Can he not?
No, he cannot. To think he can easily impose his will on the best p4p fighter in the world (and possibly ever, all sports combined, according to Dana White) is just foolish.
It's not because he hasn't been submitted in a long time that it won't happen again. That's the dumbest theory ever. Stephen Bonnar never got KOd, we all saw how useful that fact was. Not comparing Bonnar to GSP, just saying, it's not because something hasn't happened that it will never happen.

And I don't quite understand. You act surprised when I say all he has is wrestling (, but you then say he's the best wrestler of all time (I disagree, I think his wrestling is great but he usually has a pretty good size advantage over his opponents. I don't think he's a better or stronger wrestler than Sonnen on roids.) and he can bring the fight to the mat for 5 rds. I don't think that's going to be so easy because he will be receiving punches.
Also, if GSP is the best wrestler of all time (disagree unless you only mean WW), then Silva is the best striker. Except Silva's ground game is better than GSP's stand up one.

Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
So fight him, then. GSP isn't ready for the fight yet, plain and simple. No sense pissing away time when you could fight Jones instead.
Well, as I said, the UFC is the one that will make the decision. You have a problem, then talk about Dana White, not Silva.
Second, you don't make any sense. In your first paragraph, you say GSP has the ability to take A.S down, keep him there, impose his game and do it for 5 rounds. But now you add that GSP isn't ready yet??.
So what are you saying? GSP can dictate the fight and beat A.S without even being ready??

Silva will make GSP look like nothing more than a regular fighter, and I'm a GSP fan.

Also, GSP is the easier challenge between him and Jones. If White wants to create two super fights, it makes sense that GSP is the one that's up first.

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