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11-26-2012, 10:32 PM
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I've been a Rockets fan since the 80's and I was rooting big time for him on draft day, but I think my opinion is slowly starting to change.

Don't get me wrong, I wish him nothing but the best but things here seem to have taken a turn for the worse (and the bizarre). I honestly think the Rockets have done and did the best they could for him and still are doing so, but all his *****ing and moaning on twitter of all things and only going to games/practices/etc when it suits him have soured me a bit. The guy is going through things I can't possibly understand, for me getting on a plane is like getting on a bus, so I won't even try to step into his shoes cause I just can't, but he still has a certain obligation to the team.

As far as I can, tell the team hasn't asked him to do anything extraordinary and has been nothing but supportive and helpful, but all I keep hearing about is him missing sessions with the Dr. the team appointed and almost never showing up for practise or anything, and then complaining on twitter about not getting support. While I agree you shouldn't keep issues like this inside, you also shouldn't be ragging on the team that's paying you a seven figure salary *AND* helping you with your demons for all the world to see with a click.

As much as I was, and still am, rooting for him to suceed in life and in basketball, I honestly don't know if there's a solution for him anymore in Houston after what's been going on.


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