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11-26-2012, 11:53 PM
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I'm sorry, but it's funny all the people here who though Raptors were a playoff team. I remember I said Raps wouldn't be anywhere close to making the playoffs (I think in one of the Rielly threads when the topic got derailed a bit) and tons of people we're like "no no, we made improvements, Lowry is a top 10 pg, barg is a star, blah blah". FFS, look at the freaking raps. And I'm calling it now, even with the "star" players the Blue Jays brought, they will not make the playoffs, and probably won't even finish better then 4th in their own freaking division.

Out of the NBA, MLB, MLS and NHL, I think the Toronto hockey team has the best shot at making the playoffs first...and I think the Leafs suck.
Have you watched any games this season, any? Besides the one against OKC. The refs have it out for Toronto, you'd know this if you watched them. You'll see **** called against Toronto thats flat out ridiculous. An example, Amir Johnson is hanging from the rim after dunking over some guy, he doesnt let go because he'd fall on him, so he hangs on. The refs give him a technical for punching the glass.

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