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11-26-2012, 11:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Not a doubt. I agree. Milanovich was masterful in this and along with Barker, they constructed an offensive monster. They made all the right moves, realized the gem in Ray, Kachert, more effectively utilized Owens and got the most out of what had been a more ordinary looking reciever pac.

The most impressive thing is there was no guesswork. Milanovich was assessing exactly what certain football players brought to the equation, how he would mold them to the schemes and offence, and no doubt he would do that. Why he knows football, gets the bucks, and I'm a blind man wandering at night in a jungle.

They'll be a more reasonable post from me coming within the next day or two and more detail on the masterful job the argos did.
Isn't it interesting how Milanovich managed to overcome his Head Coaching inexperience to lead a team to the Grey Cup.

What does that say about Reed (in his 2nd year) and his inability to manage a game properly, deal effectively with player decisions and basic game situations? Is this really a function of inexperience or is it more about inability?

I think the evidence points to the latter. Its great that Rhodes thinks Kavis is a good guy and a solid Edmontonian but are those elements of a good coach? Does this not give us a glimmer of insight into what criteria Rhodes uses to make Management personnel decisions?
Does any of that have anything to do with football and understanding what it takes to win?
Maybe it really shouldn't be a surprise that Rhodes was responsible for hiring Tillman in the first place.

This team is in serious trouble as long as Rhodes remains the man in charge of determining the direction of this team. The man clearly does not know the first thing about football. Who hired Rhodes...the board obviously. Who is the board accountable to and what act of god will be required to alter the course of their decision making?

IMO Tillman and Reed are just a continuation of the DM years.
The dark cloud is firmly entrenched over this team and I really have no idea what is required to change the climate.

These are dark days for this franchise.

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