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The Sitwell Enterprises League Discussion Thread

Sister League of "The Bluth Company"

In mid August i had an idea for a GM Connected League that would be different from the rest. Better than the rest. I saw the problems that other leagues had, and more importantly, WOULD have and i built a league that would avoid those problems. I couldn't be happier to see that The Bluth Company is such an active and succesful league. After nearly 2 full seasons we've all worked out most of the bugs and i have 30 GMs that are all active and good guys to play with.

With all of that said, with all of the compliments that you are all nice enough to give me on how i run my league, i want more! Not compliments, but i want more fun with this game mode. I dont know about the rest of you but for me, i either get all of my games played in one night, or i only get to play about 1-2 games a night over a 3 day period. Basically, not enough time with a my team that i've put in so much thought and effort to make what it is. My natural solution to this would be either a) join another league or b) make another league. The Problem with this is that...

1) I dont have the time to run another league


2) Nobody runs a GM Connected League like I do (apparently)

So after about a month of thinking about it, i've decided that Slightlystewpid (CBJ GM) is a guy who is active enough and trustoworthy enough to run a league with my stamp on it. So here it is boys, we all now are going to have a 2nd league that is going to be as active as "The Bluth Company" is. The rules of "Sitwell Enterprises"...which is the rival company to The Bluth Company on the show "Arrested Development" will be essentially the exact same as "The Bluth Company". The only difference to it will be sim length. We're going to try simming half the schedule in this league and see how it works. If it works well i can transfer that strategy into "The Bluth Company' as well.


-Game Schedule:
2 weeks=3 real days schedule, games will be played for 2 weeks, 3 real days, and then i will sim the 2nd 2 week, 3 real day period. This means that roughly 1/2 of our season will be involuntarily simmed. This will be done so we can fit in a few more seasons and hopefully play about 9-11 seasons instead of 4-6 with no advance and 7-9 with TBC advancing schedules.. This league will now focus even more on prospect growth and development and the management of your long term assests.

Playing Your Opponent's CPU: In Sitwell Enterprises we have a 3 day sim period that covers 2 weeks of NHL Games. GMs have 2 days to schedule their games. On the 3rd day, ONLY if you have made a honest effort to schedule a game with your opponent, either through HF Boards messaging or Xbox, can you then play your opponent's computer.

Messaging your opponents: Message your opponents! Its an almost statistical certainty that if you message all of your opponents you will get all or most of your games in that block and it is a Requirment for League Participation

2) When you message your opponents, all you need to do is the following...

-Go to the 1st page of either this thread or the Trade/Lineup thread
-Click the HF Username of your opponent, its a hyperlink to their PM Box
-Send them a message that looks like this...

Hey man i have you on my schedule this period. I'm available (Central Time)..
Today: 2:30-11pm
Wednesday: 9pm-11pm
Thursday: 11am-2pm, 8pm-11pm

Let me know which time works best for you

This is a league requirement. GMs not doing this will be subjected to other, active, GMs playing their team's CPU and/or be removed from the league due to inactivity. This is a League Rule because i automatically sim 1/2 of the season already. That is the amount of games i've decided is the appropriate blend of actual skill at the game vs skill of managing your team. When you dont play your games, and force me to sim them, you're adding to the amount of simmed games per season, which disrupts the "Balance" of Play Skill vs GM skill.

================================================== ==
DNF vs CPU: From now on, your DNF vs CPU is never allowed to be higher than 0%. If this happens, you'll be given 1 warning. After that warning, i'll kick you from the league, resetting your DNF vs CPU back to 0%. If it goes above 0% again, you lose the privilege to play CPU games for the rest of the season. If your DNF vs CPU goes above 0% at any point after that, you'll lose the ability to play CPU games for as long as your in Sitwell Enterprises ================================================== ==

-No trade can involve more than 4 Roster Players (combined from both teams)
-No trade can involve more than 6 total pieces (combined from both teams)

-GMs are allowed Two Trades Per Season. The specific Injury, Offseason, Regular Season, and Deadline moves have all been removed. Yes, even the Injury Trade. These two trades can be used at any time from Day 1 of the Offseason until the Trade Deadline.

This is the rule that both directly and indirectly separates this league from the rest. Trades are supposed to be a big deal. A trade is the literal removal of assets from your team in place of other assets in order to make the team better. Its not something that real GMs take lightly. The success of their team and their jobs depend on how well their decisions pan out. One of the major reasons so many other leagues unfortunately dont work out is because people get so excited about making trades that they forget their team needs, how close their team is to a cup, how these deals will impact their present and future. This isn't the case in Sitwell Enterprises because of the above mentioned rules

Tanking: Any GM caught "Tanking" or trying to lose games on purpose, will be removed from the league, no questions asked.



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