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Originally Posted by awfulwaffle View Post
Same with an NHL contract. You sign someone thinking they are going to provide a certain amount of points, or a certain amount of protection in net to warrant the contract they signed, but that doesn't always happen, same with a CEO.
Yep and unfortunately that's just the risky nature of contracts period, regardless of the profession.

I don't know if I'm trying to make a connection, but you brought up how I'm not in the top 600 of my field. That's fair to say, but CEO's obviously got to where they are because they are in the top of where they are, even if they don't belong there. They make a substantial amount of money, because there are plenty of people that might not be able to be in that position. Same goes with your theory on these NHL players being able to do what they do. They should make more because it's a talent that not everyone has. Sure, but should they get paid what they do? I honestly feel professional sports players are overpaid, but that's me.
Well I would agree that they're overpaid, grossly overpaid even but like it or not that's what the market is for their services. I think Apple products are hideously overpriced but again, a lot of people are willing to pay it so they can price them accordingly. It's just the way the market works. I feel your frustration but I think it's more society and it's priorities that you have issue with than professional sports players. If there wasn't a huge market for these players, they wouldn't be making all that money. To go a step further, I'm willing to bet a lot of NHL players and sports players in general would actually agree with that sentiment. They know they're way overpaid but there is no reason for them to be accepting of salary reduction because in most cases the money they give up will just line the pockets of billionaires anyway.

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