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Originally Posted by SeriousFan09 View Post
I just don't don't see the Bulldogs (or whatever they get renamed) as being able to really compete against Montreal as they will often play on the same nights. I think you overestimate the quality of the AHL that it will be a significant enough draw. Doubtful it's a 20$ ticket to watch and if Geoff Molson is in on it, prepare for at least 8$ beers.

I don't think the team becomes a financial sinkhole, but I think they will be a middling team for attendence at best. And if a lot of good players come out of the area, IMO it makes more sense to revive a Laval QMJHL team, we are kind of suckers for hometown talent in Quebec so if you have a local team with local boys, might do just as well.
AHL games are mostly on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. For example, they could put the games on Saturday at 4PM so it doesn't conflict with the Habs' game, and Fridays and Sundays shouldn't be problems.

Yes the place might not always be fully packed but at least the team will be in habs territory, I sure as hell wouldn't go see the marlies play in Laval, for example. Habs fans who can't afford Bell Centre tickets will see a good alternative in that, seeing the future habs and stuff. Makes much more sense IMO than in the suburb of Toronto.

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