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11-27-2012, 02:59 AM
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Originally Posted by ReginKarlssonLehner View Post
Mickelbot hit the point of my argument. I was comparing the success Silfverberg did as compared to his age group putting him in very strong company. Yes there are a couple players who were of age that didn't stay in the SEL but nonetheless, Silfverberg is the youngest since Forsberg to win the award which should say something.

Rundblad was a huge disappointment due to his inability to translate his game to the NHL due to his deficiency on the defensive end. Silfverberg has no holes in his game and his gritty, sneaky game around the net could best serve in the NHL. He is already the leading forward scoring among other top prospects and more experiences players in Bingo(AHL team)

Silfverberg has top-line potential but it remains to be seen if he can achieve it. A lot of Sens fans pencilling him along-side Spezza this year, especially due to the unbelievable shift he had against NYR in last playoff game in the third period. Therefore we know he is capable of it.

Silfverberg is a more safer bet with just as much skill and hockey IQ as Kadri with better work ethic, leadership and defensive responsibility. That's why the clear answer is Silfverberg with quite ease, imo.
hahahaha, you're kidding right? It's one thing to be psyched about a prospect and think they have top line potential, but are you serious? You know what he is capable of because of one shift? You can not judge a prospect off of one shift...

People bashed Kessel and said 50 games into the season that it was only 50 games and he'd have to keep up his pace for a year before people started giving him praise, there's still people saying he has to do it another year before they'd consider him a top winger....

Also, more safer doesn't make sense.

And one more thing, Kadri's skill is through the roof... that's not what's holding him back and he has more skill then a good chunk of current NHLers.

For who will be better, I'm not going to vote because I'm biased.

Edit: I've seen Tyler Bozak, Mike Brown, Tim Brent, Niklas Hagman, Matt Stajan, etc. have amazing shifts, doesn't mean they're capable of consistently doing it.

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