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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Holecek was named the Best Goalie of the 1978 World Championships by the Directorate and All Star Goalie by the Media covering the World Championships. I don't see how losing a close game to a better team (while being considered the best goalie of the tournament) is a "flub." Likewise, the 1976 Olympics. He lost 3-2 to the Soviets? Again, how is losing a close game to a better team a "flub?" Would you demand that Czechslovakia beat the USSR in every tournament to give Holecek credit for the ones he did win?

The 1972 Olympics and 1976 Canada Cup are the only blemishes on his resume that I can see, and as goalies go, having only 2 notable blemishes is pretty good. Bill Durnan seems to have two big playoff blemishes (1949 and 1950 quitting in the middle of the playoffs) in his shorter career.
Most of the Czechoslovakian team came down with the flu at the 1976 Olympics. Holecek was their only goalie who didn't, so they kept him separated from his teammates to keep him healthy. He wasn't quite good enough to steal the win, but it was a difficult situation.

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