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11-27-2012, 07:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Mystlyfe View Post
Harnessing "power" or harnessing electricity? There's plenty of power than doesn't require a dynamo. You don't use a turbine to heat your gas oven or fireplace. You don't use a turbine to ride your skateboard or bicycle.

In terms of converting other forms of energy into electrical energy, dynamos are indeed the most common solution. But it is not the only solution. Solar cells use the photoelectric effect to convert radiation into electric energy. Thermoelectric generators are used to convert some "waste heat" into electric energy via the Seebeck effect. Batteries are obviously the conversion of chemical energy into electric energy. And there's plenty more technologies on the horizon, such as harnessing waste biomass to produce bioelectricity.

It's absolutely a government's responsibility to build the infrastructure and encourage the growth of applicable technologies.

Considering Einstein won a Nobel Prize for his research on the Photoelectric Effect, it definitely is "over 20 years old." It's been observed for more than 120 years.
But do these methods produce enough electricity to be efficient? Fossil Fuel and nuclear tech are used as much as they are because they are quite effective and efficient. If spinning a windmill was more efficient and produced more electricity, no one would burn coal for electricity.

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