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Originally Posted by Sore Loser View Post
One of the best quotes I've seen thus far, as it is pretty much a summation of the Fehr/Bettman dynamic.
In what way? I didn't see much about a dynamic between the two.

What I saw in that article, however, was a fairly smart guy who was unloading on the owners. His take on contract mobility is one that I share. Having said that, I haven't seen jack come from the players on anything resembling a solution. It's focused around building a system in which the players can get to every last little crumb of revenue it can, while giving us the illusion they give a crap about the financial state of teams like the CBJ. They just want more money in the CBJ's hands to pay the players or they want no cap so that the Rangers or Leafs could start to play 100 million on players. They don't give a crap which option is went with. They just want every scrap of revenue they can get their grubby mitts on. This isn't about what a fair amount is. To the NHLPA, "fair" is no profit at all for the owners. Any owner. The NHLPA also doesn't give a crap about the non-union workers in each organization. After all the players are the talent and a season ticket rep is just a scab working for the oppressor.

This work stoppage is just an extension of what his happening on a global scale.

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