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I think this thread topic has been prematurely dismissed. Lets analyse a bit more.

A recurring discussion in the thread is that education doesn't make you smarter. Thats a simplistic view and undervalues the whole point of education which is to fill knowledge into what otherwise might be an empty vessel. Sure theres people without high education that are smart and have a lot of self attained knowledge. But on the average the way to accrue knowledge is to get an education. University education particularly teaches not only knowledge but for most students builds, nurtures, sustains complex analytical thinking processes. Where the good student ceases becoming a passive viewer of information but interacts with that information and assesses it.

Replacement; I have spent 25 years traveling the world and this has given me advantage in dealing with some people who have degrees up their back side but had to practical knowledge on the subject. A few years ago I worked briefly as a consultant for a travel company that was expanding into Africa and Eastern Europe. Most of the upper management all had lots of fancy degrees, but had never been to those countries and had no idea of the reality vs the theory that they had been taught. I have gone back to school and am attending uni with kids who are 19/20 years old and I am dealing with academics who only have the theory they teach as a reference point of their position(I am doing business and have run and owned several businesses over the years)

If people want to extend the "education doesn't make you smarter" logic then at some point you're arguing that the person with a completed post secondary education on the average isn't sounding brighter than a person picking potatoes for 20years. Thats the extreme, sure, but people making the argument that education doesn't matter are losing sight of that.

Here in England I regularly deal with very bright and "well off" people who left school at 16 to go to work. Most did a lot of traveling when they were young or found something they loved and have been able to make a living at it.

Next, as mentioned higher education specifically teaches one how to think. Students learn how to carefully read, assess data, *facts*, analyse, summarise. They learn stats, scientific methold, analytical enquiry, debate, philosophy, etc. In short postsecondary students learn countless methods of thought and analysis that the less educated person may or may not have.

This depends on what field they are going into or the complex nature of their desired business.

So now when we look at the average hockey player, drafted young, billeted and playing away from home in Junior Hockey we see a person transplanted, living with strangers, less incentive to continue or do well in school, and no bio parents around checking on their homework or making them go to school. So what you have in a lot of hockey players is an undeveloped education even at the highschool level. Lots of missed classes for games, roadtrips and the young Junior Hockey player typically misses a lot of days due to hockey roadtrips and with this being a big country travel having much more of a factor on education. With team busses on roadtrips not exactly evoking library and reading.

Have you look at the graduation rates of University players? in the 80's it was in the low 50's. A few years ago NCAA released a report that it was now up to 80 percent. Problem was found with football players and basketball players, because there are so many sports in Unis the NCAA was able to sort of hide the fact that many uni football teams often have only a 10% graduation rate of starting players. It got so bad that in 2003 the NCAA had to rejig the rules. During congressional meetings a few years ago, Lawrence Taylor and others painted the bleak picture of the fact that many players still do not attend classes. WE need to separate Canadian Universities from American because hockey players and Football players who go to Canadian unis usually graduate. In the states in the opposite.

Next, obviously hockey players by and large aren't required to go to postsecondary as is the expectation in say football. NHL caliber hockey players, most of them, and the vast majority of Canadian NHL players simply get drafted, jump to NHL, AHL and start their career immediately. No college years in the interim.

My final year in Edmonton Louie Debrusk was in one of my uni classes and Steven Rice was also attending classes at the U. The numbers of NHL players who attend classes in the off season has increased greatly over the past decade

What this results in is players more likely to not express themselves adequately, to have trouble debating or arguing points, to have trouble putting two cogent sentences together, and who have trouble analyzing complex information and then fallback to simple emotive frustration. Voicing things like "Bettmans a Cancer" "He sucks" "Fire his ass" etc.
Not surprisingly the average NHL players take resembles the kind of feedback you'd get in a Junior High School corridor. Because for many of them thats where their education got stunted.

How many nhlers have been caught with guns? How many involved in violent crimes? How many doing coke or other class A drugs? Compared to Basketball and Football? While some NBA and NFL players can be pointed out as examples of what happens when a player goes to uni. Here is a stat that came out in 2005. 75% of pro athletes are bankrupt within 10 years of the career ending. Can you guess which pros had the lowest rate of going bust? the NHL, NFL had the highest fallowed by the NBA. The NBA number has fallen since more foreign players have started playing.

When talking about higher education and the bonuses from that, using athletes as an example is not a good starting point as most do not graduate and leave with hardly any higher education at all. I forget the former NFL player (he now teaches at one of the top unis in NY state) he wrote an op-ed piece a few years ago breaking down how little education some players get in universit

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