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11-27-2012, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
the problem with a 24 team playoff is it adds 5 weeks and 5 games to the season, which absolutely wont fly. Not only is that way too long for a collegiate season, it would compete with NFL playoffs and the super bowl.

the regular season would have to be cut back to 9 games with a 10th for conference championships, and then a 5 week tourney culminating around New Years or the week after.

I just dont see anything more than a 4 team playoff being viable
Shorten the regular season to 11 games, which is what they do in FCS, and start the tournament immediately. For all but two teams playing in FCS, the season is over by December 8th, just in time for final exams. Take a breather for the holidays, play the national title game on January 5th. Integrate the BCS bowls and a couple of others into the system for quarterfinal and semifinal games and let the rest become an NIT-type system that accommodates the mid-level teams in the bigger conferences. Money keeps flowing, everybody has reasonably equal access to the national championship, everyone is happy.

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