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Originally Posted by Howboutthempanthers View Post
To be honest, I don't think the Panthers will send him to the AHL if/when he goes pro next season. I think that usually you see non blue-chip prospects get sent to the AHL when they turn pro. Or they have question marks about their game for some reason and the NHL club wants to the develop them a little bit more. For example maybe they are on the smallish side, just to pick a reason there may be questions about them as prospects, obviously that won't be a question about Bjugstad. If there is a question I don't think it would be enough for the Panthers not to at least give him a shot next season. And besides, he would have played three years of college hockey at that point and would be 21 years old at that point, so I think that he will be with the Panthers next season if/when he turns pro.
There's still an adjustment to the pro game. Bjugstad wouldnt be used to the grind of playing 80 games/season compared to what he plays in college (~40 games). And even with his solid play in college, I think there are still questions in regard to how good he will be as a pro in terms of offense. It would benefit Bjugstad more IMO that he takes at least half a yr in the AHL but more like 1 full season down there would be best. I think both Tallon & Santos feel that is best for most of our prospects not named Huberdeau.

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