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11-27-2012, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by IU Hawks fan View Post
You sound like every Pacers fan during that time. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!

Sorry, but in the NBA it just doesn't.

Just being a realist here.

The Bulls can't win with this core. They need to tank the year and deal Deng and have 2 lottery picks. That'll be their best chance to ever compete while Rose is around.
I wasn't talking about the Bulls, just the Heat vs. those Bulls, not even close. If I had to compare this Heat team to a historical team on a greatness level, it would be the Jazz teams the Bulls played in the finals. Great team, not Jordan's Bulls though.

As for the Bulls, I agree 100%. They have ****ed up royaly this year, GarPax are two ****ing idiots that should be long gone. What they should have done is had Deng have surgery instead of rehab, forcing him to miss a few months of the season at least, signed a bunch of scrubs (well, they basically got that part right, not intentially) and lose about 55-60 games, earning a potential top 5 pick so they can have someone to play with Rose. I would have hoped to get Marcus Smart. With the season he is having, he may drop a bit but it's unlikely the Bulls will pick high enough.

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