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11-27-2012, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Layne Staley View Post
I thought Axel went with the group to scout Woodbury but I only saw Rick,Daryl,Oscar and Michonne in the cabin with the one guy...Axel is already one of my favorites.

Glen irks me.I don' like him.I would love if him or Maggie get bit before the end of the season, if not both.The actor who plays Glen is just a dork.

And Chad Coleman aka Dennis "Cutty" Wise is cast as Tyreese?!?!He was my favorite character from The Wire, this is ****ing amazing
Axel volunteered to go, but probably just to show that he was up for it to help the group. Hell, even Beth said she would go, but obviously they wouldnt let her.

Axel and Oscar are still trying to show the rest of the group they can contribute, but I think I'd rather had Oscar by my side than Axel when it comes to a zombie fight

Don't understand why you don't like Glen. This episode basically showed how bad-ass he actually is

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