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Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
Okay, I'm back. This **** was just so dumb, I had to stay away from the computer, or I was going to get myself bant.

Quite honestly, everyone has tried to submit GSP off their back, and no one has come remotely close. Do you know why that is? It's because his MMA grappling is incredible. Making a game plan around tapping GSP off your back is unlikely to lead to success. It's just going to give GSP the advantage on the score-card, and get you punched in the face a bunch of times.
Who exactly said the gameplan was to submit GSP while he's on top?
I said Silva has proved capable of submitting from the bottom position, while having a strong wrestler on top (one that's even stronger than GSP).
He also destroyed Hendo, who again, is an even better wrestler than GSP.

Speaking about getting punched to the face, you don't think GSP will get his fair share of punches on the nose? Oh right, he will be able to avoid them or brush them off, however Silva won't be able to withstand his wrestling at all and will get dominated to the point GSP will be dictating the fight for 5 rounds.

And you say my post was dumb? You sound like a bias GSP fan incapable of looking at what's obvious. Silva is the favorite here, by quite the margin.

Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
Of course you don't understand, what else is new? Took like 4 posts to explain to you the current state of the NHLPA's proposal.

My point is that you blew off GSP's advantage in wrestling as if that was somehow a trifling matter. It isn't. The transition game is the most important phase of an MMA fight. This is why during the second generation, the UFC was dominated by wrestlers. If you wrestled in college in the states, you can pretty well write a ticket for yourself in grappling gyms in europe, for this reason. If you can control where the fight happens, you have a tremendous advantage.

And I said that GSP was the most effective wrestler in UFC history, and that is true. The UFC has seen many great wrestlers, who, in a wrestling competition, would probably beat GSP. Henderson won Silver at the olympic games, for example. However, no one has applied wrestling as effectively as GSP. The guy has a takedown success rate of 80%. I don't think there's been an opponent who he hasn't been able to take down. What makes you think Silva will be different? Is he a better wrestler than Josh Koscheck? And you go on to say that GSP can't do it for 5 rounds. When has GSP ever gassed?

And what are you on about, Anderson's ground game is better than GSP's standup? Well it's a ****in' good thing GSP won't be using his stand up vs. anderson's ground game. What a silly thing to say indeed. What matters is who gets to control where the fight happens, and I think that would probably be GSP, and what happens once the fight reaches that destination. In that case, GSP has every tool he would need to be able to control Silva.
I'm starting to wonder if you even understand what happens during a fight or how to constructively look at a match up. All you have been doing is focusing on GSP's wrestling, that's it. Not one mention of the strengths of Silva.
I never denied GSP's strong wrestling skills, I just don't think he'll be able to apply them as easily as you make it sound (for 5 rounds dictating the whole fight).
I think GSP will have a harder time keeping a guy like Silva pined to the ground as he'll be bigger than any of his previous opponents. He won't be going in as the stronger of the two. With Silva's precision, I believe GSP will get punched and will have to encase punches he's never encountered before. Silva's clinch is also extremely dangerous, not to mention the usage of his knees and legs. Silva has also worked hard on his takedown defense since the Sonnen fight, this was evident in their rematch when he was able to stuff him in the 2nd round.

Just to make sure you understand, I'm not saying GSP won't be able to take Silva down, and even win some rounds, I just don't think he will dominate at all, and I think Silva will simply be too dangerous for him.
If he does dominate, or appear as he is, it'll be because Silva did what he did in the first Sonnen fight. Stop trying to stuff the takedowns, and just patiently work to find a submission from the bottom position.

And please...Josh Koscheck?? Really?? The guy is nothing but an average fighter who's overhyped like most of the fighters of the UFC. It's embarrassing the guy even had a title shot.

The point of me comparing their weaknesses (GSP's stand up vs Silva's ground game) was to show that GSP's is worst than Silva's, and I believe Silva has more tools in his arsenal.

Maybe you should stick to the NHLPA because you're making yourself look like a clown here.
Also, you didn't explain anything in the lockout thread, I said I was unaware of the changes. You provided a link with a quotation, I looked at it, said it wasn't clear and you added another quote that cleared it. I was waiting for a clear fact, you provided one after 4 posts. Not sure how this was me not understanding..but wtv I guess.

Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
Well there you go, Anderson has his strategy too. The heroic thing to do would say "f you dana, give me bones." But no, he wants the easier fight. But GSP can't want the easier fight too? All of a sudden his "excuse" is "weak"? Especially after coming off of a long injury? **** that man.

And please, give me a break with all this gotcha crap. I've said from the beginning that the GSP who fought Condit probably wouldn't win. He was clearly rusty, and clearly he needs to regain his form. I've been watching GSP for 7 years now, I know what he's capable of. GSP vs Condit was an 80% GSP.
The heroic thing to do?? That's completely ridiculous. I guess Jones isn't heroic either because he never said that either. Neither is GSP because he didn't say ''screw that, gimme Silva''. This has absolutely nothing to do with heroism.

If you actually read my post properly, I said GSP's excuse about ''after Silva, what next?'' was weak. In the exact same post, the EXACT same, I said his excuse about him jumping to MW and staying there made more sense.
If your panties weren't all in a bunch because someone is saying GSP would lose, maybe you would have read better.

GSP wasn't for a fight versus Silva even before he got injured. He always was hesitant about it, this isn't post-injury new.

And I'm not going to give you a break, you contradicted yourself. You said GSP would be able to dictate this fight, impose his will for 5 rounds, giving him the victory. You followed this by saying he isn't ready. That's a contradiction in anyway you want to look at it. I don't care what you said about his Condit shape, it's irrelevant. Will he get back to 100%? Will he beat Hendricks? Will he improve? Who freaking knows. How did you even come up with the 80% number? You just crapped it out.

The only thing we can say is that right now GSP would most likely lose.
The fact you haven't mentioned any of Silva's strength show your clear bias. If you look at my posting before, I actually said the only chance GSP has of winning is to heavily rely on his wrestling and pin Silva down for the 5 rounds, without making any mistakes. Despite him being a great technician and capable of following the gameplan, I think Silva is just way too good to be kept on the ground for 5min without forcing a mistake from his opponent.
I also think Silva's lengthy limbs can keep GSP at bay, making it hard for GSP to take him down.

Congratulations on following GSP for 7years. You get a medal. I've followed him for 8years and been following UFC/Pride since their first show. I've seen them all, not to mention K-1 and other organizations. So I guess I deserve the trophy.

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