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11-27-2012, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Deficient Mode View Post
That's because you originally limited the choices to the top 50, and Monfils isn't in the top 50 at the moment.

It gets easier to pick players likely to rise if you go beyond 50. I would add that I think Tomic (#52) for example will grow up and grow used to the tour a bit this year. He really can't get much worse than he was this year, even if one subtracts his success in Australia.
Okay, then I will throw # 136 Gulbis into the pot. A lot depends on whether he and Bresnik have worked out Ernests' wildly inconsistent forehand problems, and I'm not expecting miracles. Top 50 would be nice, though top 75 is probably a more reasonable expectation after his horrid year, save for those two big upsets in the Slams. I hope Kuznetsov makes progress as well, as I enjoy watching him play. Baker is a good candidate to move up, too.

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