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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Doubtful at best. This is the same wrong headed marketing strategy the Oil Kings employ. Fill the stands with unruly kids while the parents take the night off and let the kids do whatever they want.
The halftime act wasn't aimed at any age group or trying to get new fans. It was simply a penis measuing contest with the NFL and the competition of having a super duper halftime show. While the CFL was stupid and put on 4 different acts, likely to save money from having Beiber do the whole half-time. But no doubt the NFL will have a hard time beating that half time performance simply based on the fact that Beiber is the biggest act in the world right now.

Also I love when people assume that Beiber's/Jepsons crowd is 8-15 year olds. Did you see how much the cheerleaders were loving that ****? Beiber has a lot bigger of a crowd than just young kids. In fact the marketing the young guy is crazy due to the fact that the younger kids that do attend need their parents to attend with them which in turns at least gets them to listen and interested to some degree of his music.

At my office, when Beiber was coming to Edmonton, we had 5 grown adults(late 50's/60's) that were fighting over the companies tickets to Beiber. The ones that lost out on the companies tickets, guess what they did.

So I agree with you Liquor that he's likely wrong about the "marketing" strategy however it's no the same wrong-headed strategy that the Oil Kings use. He's the biggest act in the world right now and I don't care if it's for a PETA rally or World Poverty, there is absolutely no harm in having that act there, in terms of marketing. Unless you or anyone else can convince me or prove to me that current CFL fans are now not fans of the CFL due to Beiber performing.

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