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11-27-2012, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by 4evaBlue View Post
Your offense tends to suffer when you're tasked with covering for your line defensively. I believe Bozak is better offensively than what we've seen from him on the Kessel line. Conversely, if Grabo was assigned the role of designated defending forward for that line (not sure if he could actually do this effectively), his offense would suffer. Would the increase in his winger's skill level offset the production lost by the additional defensive responsibilities, and facing much tougher defensive matchups every night? Not sure.

Who said anything about Crosby? While some intangibles would be nice, and so would an additional 6" and 30 lbs, but we all know that won't happen with Grabo. What you see on the scoresheet is essentially what you get out of him.

The biggest thing I'd like from Grabo is a bit more consistent effort. I don't even care all that much if it shows up on the scoreboard, just cut down on the 0-1 shot games (read: invisible/non-factor for over 1/3rd of his games played last season). Especially when he's facing lesser defensive matchups. He's supposed to be a heart & soul guy, right?
I don't care about Connolly, and Lombari. Thankfully, they'll be gone by this time next year. Kulemin is very likely to be relegated to 3rd line duties, which should alleviate some offensive pressure off him, and be a better match for his skillset.

Naturally, I disagree with your assessment of Grabo's work in the tough areas, but you're entitled to your opinion.
So first you're complaining that he doesn't score enough, now you're saying that scoring doesn't matter as much? Grabo is one of our most consistent players, points wise(He's averaged around the same PPG his whole career here) and effort wise. Are you ok?

I also thought you said shots were useless? Because that's what you were crying about when people used the corsi stat, that it was only a projection of shots. So now they're ok?

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