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Originally Posted by pepty View Post
Do you really think the owners don't realize how much Bettman has taken the flak for them? It has been convenient for everyone . The players don't have the guts to attack their actual owners(to quote Don Cherry) and the venom is all released against Bettman.

I would be sorry to see him leave because he has fought for the small and medium market teams in my opinio and he has had to negotiate with an aggressive and dysfunctional PA filled with hardliners of the Fehr/ Goodenow ilk.
I think that Bettman has done excellent work, fought many fights fow the owners (succesfully) and most, perhaps even all, members of the BOG also realise this. Thus I find it very unlikely that Bettman would be ousted or firedd. Perhaps it is the mediator in me, but I could still see that the BOG could come to conclusion that for the future a different type of commissioner is needed and arrange with Bettman that he will step aside at some point before the next round of labour negotiations - and move to history as one of the most succesfull commissioners in NA sports, unless his negotiation team royally screws up this round (so far they have done well). My guess is that Bettman still takes care of renewal of Canadian TV negotiations in 2014 and steps aside thereafter giving his successor few years to prepare the next labour talks (2018?) and renewal of US media contracts in 2022.

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