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11-27-2012, 10:16 AM
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here are some of my guesses for the finale (I havent read the comics up to this point yet so none of these are spoilers, just specualtion):

-Tyreese will be a prisoner in Woodburry and ends up saving Rick. To repay him, Rick brings Tyreese back to the prison

-walkers infest the prison somehow and one of the survivors gets lost. I'm going with Beth

-Axel or Oscar will be killed. My guess is Oscar since it seems like Tyreese will be introduced next episode and they only seem to want 1 main black guy in the series. Andrea ends up killing him without knowing who he's with. If it's Axel that ends up dying, he gets attacked by walkers after saving Beth in the prison

-Michonne has a fight with the Governer after she finds Penny. Crazy fight ensues after she kills Penny which ends up with Michonne getting the upper hand, but not killing the Governer.

-Daryl recues Maggie and Glen, however when they're trying to escape, Daryl gets left behind and ends up running into Merle. The Gov and his entourage walk in on these two having a heated discussion about what is going on and turn on Merle. Something to the effect that he's going to blame him for "allowing" Rick's group to break into Woodburry. He locks up Daryl and Merle

-right before the episode ends, The Gov shows Andrea who he captured (Daryl) to which she has a stupid, shocked look on her face

so in the end....

-Maggie and Glen reunite with Rick & Michonne and head back to the prison with Tyreese
-Oscar is killed (maybe Axel too)
-Beth goes missing
-Daryl is capture by The Gov
-The Gov turns on Merle
-Andrea is still dumb
-fans still are complaning because they didn't get to see Maggie's boobs

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