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11-27-2012, 10:18 AM
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All I'll say on the topic is if you are a hockey fan you should want the players to win this time around. Why? Because if they do the NHL owners will be much less likely to go the lockout route for a fourth straight time after the CBA expires and as a result we probably will not lose a third season. Fehr destroyed the baseball owners in 1994-95 and they have not had any problems with lockouts or missed seasons for close to 20 years. Baseball fans get to watch baseball without any Gary Bettman-like histrionics. People who illogically support the owners cry about baseball missing one World Series and playoffs. Well guess what? We've lost one playoff, one Stanley Cup, one Winter Classic and are about to lose a second playoff and Stanley Cup.

Supporting the owners just means we'll go through all of this yet another time once the new CBA - whenever that is agreed upon - expires.

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