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11-27-2012, 10:18 AM
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I just recently made the switch in the opposite direction, going from a 65-67 flex intermediate to a 75-80 flex senior. (I'm 5'8'', 155-160 lbs) The senior stick feels much more comfortable in my hands, I think its the boxier shaft.

However the other huge difference I noticed is catching passes, it is much easier with the stiffer stick. Hard passes would just flex the crap out of the lighter stick and the puck would bounce right off. The other difference I've noticed is that shots don't flutter off the end of my blade as much as they did with the intermediate stick (this could be due to the senior stick being a couple of inches longer).

In the end I think its personal preference, maybe ask a friend if you can use theirs for warm ups or something and see what you think? That's how I realized I needed a senior stick.

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