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11-27-2012, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by jumptheshark View Post
how many of those players get degrees? that is the question. Most do not get one while in uni and only a small % go back and get one.
Regardless the college/university education doesn't mean much. What's an arts degree going to do for someon playing professional sports?

On the flip side of the coin and I understand why Biz was defending the blanket comment by the ignorant fan but for the guys he was saying that went to Harvard and Yale what does that really mean? Alright you a guy who got his undergrad in Arts or hell even nursing or physical education, does it make them smarter for business negotiations? Let's say they have a commerce degree, I mean while it may help them be more educated it doesn't make them competent of a negotiation until they are actively involved in one. Sitting back and being faithful to your side isn't being actively involved in a negotiation.

So really a professioanal sports player who has an education or doesn't really hasn't had enough real world experience to have that education apply to anything since they've been so wrapped up in conditioning and pro sports. So one group really isn't any wiser than the other. The seperation in the two groups usually comes after pro-sports when one group is flat-ass broke with an addiction problem and one group has found something to do and is able to live a sustainable life. However these groups aren't necessarily divided by post-secondary and non-post-secondary.

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