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11-27-2012, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
I currently have a 2 piece setup. My current shaft is 54" and I'm looking to take it down to 52 or 51. That would obviously increase the flex rating, and despite practicing my shot a lot, I'm still not consistently flexing the stick properly.

My question is, should I even consider grabbing a 50" intermediate shaft, and adding a inch or two plug if necessary? I thought making the stick easier to flex, would help me be more consistent with doing it, or at 6'2" 290, would I just snap it?
This may sound silly coming from a guy who just switched to 55 flex, but I think an intermediate would be too whippy for someone 6'2. Then again, it depends on the kick point, how long the stick is, and the shots you take. If you wear 14" or larger gloves, the shaft might be too small for you as well.

What stick are you using?

Originally Posted by Fury81 View Post
I am 5-11 170lbs and considering switching to a 65 flex intermediate. Am I crazy too? Wondering if the stick will feel too short.
Not at all. Most people use sticks that are too stiff.

Like I said, I'm 5'8 and just got a 55 flex Warrior intermediate. SUPER whippy. But seems to add even more zing to my shot. Of course I cut off 5-6" so the stick is at my bottom lip in bare feet.

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