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11-27-2012, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by KaylaJ View Post
That article is a bit strange. It makes a pity party out of Montreal & Toronto
In my quick reading of it yesterday I more interpreted as "guys like Molson and other big money owners who have some sway need to get involved and push the extreme agendas of Jacobs, Leonsis et al more to the middle, instead of just saying 'i trust whatever Gary and that small group of owners is doing'." IOW, they don't care because they're going to make big bank either way, so they're not trying to use their influence (when necessary) to say "hey what we're demanding here and here is unreasonable, let's find a better way to manage that situation so we can get a deal done."

Basically the owners that constantly bleed money when they have no excuse for doing so (bad management practices), shouldn't put the onus on covering those contingencies or costs, on the players. If you're in a good hockey market, selling lots of seats every year... you should be making money, period. If you're not, don't blame the players for your mismanagement (including stupid contracts, Liarpold).

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