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Originally Posted by The Blue Devil View Post
So first you're complaining that he doesn't score enough, now you're saying that scoring doesn't matter as much? Grabo is one of our most consistent players, points wise(He's averaged around the same PPG his whole career here) and effort wise. Are you ok?

I also thought you said shots were useless? Because that's what you were crying about when people used the corsi stat, that it was only a projection of shots. So now they're ok?
Consistent year to year, sure. Week to week, or month to month? Not so much. Grabo's cold streaks tended to coincide with those periods where he wasn't taking many shots on net, and was also indicative of his overall offensive game for those stretches.

There isn't a set % shot that can be equated to a scoring chance. Players range from 5-20'ish shooting percentage, after all. Taking 6 shots on net doesn't necessarily mean they were good shots, but taking 0 or 1 shot on net from a shoot first player pretty much means he wasn't much of an offensive threat for that game. When a sniper does that as frequently as Grabo did last season, it's pretty hard to consider him as a consistent player.

Do you remember how much bashing Kessel got during last offseason for being streaky? He had 5+ shots per game for half of the games during his stretch, and was quite often noticeably the most dangerous guy on the ice. The guy tried hard (with worse linemates), was constantly buzzing around the net, and he still got crapped on. When the opposite happens with Grabo, and he becomes invisible during his "cold streaks", the #84 fans all join the picket line in protest.

Originally Posted by The Blue Devil View Post
LOL, I know, it's just irritating reading that crap.
My thoughts exactly.

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