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11-27-2012, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Snow Soccer View Post
I'm not a fan of some of Carmelo's on the floor mannerisms, but getting to the FT line 16 times is a good thing, and 35 pts on 25 shots is efficient, with 6 missed FTs. Also what are you talking about Melo flopping - Melo is one guy who doesn't flop. Don't really have a problem with Melo taking that many shots when Felton's 3-19 and literally no one else contributed on offense (aside from Tyson, but you don't really call plays for him in the post)..

As for missed FTs/disappearing down the stretch, part of that's on Woodson. At the time I was pissed when I saw Melo was playing the whole second half. He's got to play better, but if he gets that 3-4 minute rest to start the 4th, he's not missing those FTs late or being a non-factor. I think Woodson knew he was tired, so he called 3 straight plays for Felton in the 4th instead of putting the ball in Melo's hands.
You have to admit that Melo certainly acts like he gets mugged every possession. I know he's been unlucky with the calls but he's a big reason behind that. He complains and complains and complains in front of the refs every game. I'm convinced he doesnt get obvious calls because the refs simply dont like him.

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