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11-27-2012, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Theres absolutely no comparison between the quickness of Hemsky streaking into goal at full speed and the often stationary Omark. At the NHL level Omark plays a very stationary, peripheral set piece game.
A player like Hemsky attacks the box with confidence ten times more than Omark does. I'm not even a big fan of Hemsky saying any of this.

The thing is the lack of continuous movement in Omarks game, a tendency to hold too long to the puck, and his penchant for working the same plays makes him susceptible to scouting, adjustments, and cover and which has happened at the NHL level here. Omark was very ineffective last year in the show for a reason. Any of the teams that even bothered to watch the gamefilms had an easy answer to him. Which often involved going right at him and planting him on his butt. Or just keeping him on the outside and covering the couple lanes he likes to pass to.

Omark is a rote player. I see set pieces all the time with him, repeatedly. Its like playing chess with somebody that only knows one or two openings. Entirely predictable.

The suggestion that Omark would attain 60pts at this level is hard to fathom. That would require playing him on a top level first line and I'm not sure why anyteam would do that because he's not up to that standard.
Well, I am not really disagreeing with you guys. I too like the speed and vision of Hemsky compared to Omark. I said as much in previous posts. I also find that Omark's game one dimensional. But he does possess good offensive instincts and given the right circumstances he could put up points but I agree, who is willing to give him that chance. I also think Omark is a bit of a headcase and that he may not have the ability to work out of a slump and opportunities may be diminished because of that.

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