Thread: Great Britain: Hockey in Britain part 3
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11-27-2012, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Alpine View Post
I think you're reading hockey specificaly into my comments.
I'm sure county rugby, soccer/foottball, cricket local artsy fartsy, groups get their events out there.
Hell I've even bought bingo tickets from various groups that have a link to a stream to watch,,,,I didn't watch because I didn't expect to win and considered it a donation. At least they we'rent hat in hand offering nothing.
All I'm saying is that if EIHL EPIHL. NIHL, SNL want to get their games out there that it is possible and cheaply.
No they don't. You're lucky to find a legal stream for even a big boxing match. I remember watching David Haye vs that massive Valuev bloke from Russia, one of the biggest fights of the year, and the quality of the stream was terrible and I'm pretty sure it was an illegal one. Boxing isn't exactly unpopular here either. Apart from North American sports it's probably the thing that is streamed the most since you have to pay to watch it on TV box office.

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