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11-27-2012, 11:27 AM
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I'm going to make some predictions on the next episode, but I'll put them in white as they contain comic spoilers.
-I think Rick and his group will try to get in but get spotted and must fight their way out, they'll cause some damage, and Michonne will kill Penny, but the group will probably lose Oscar as this show seems to love having only one black person.
- While they are escaping, they run into Tyreeses group, who help the tired and beaten group back to the prison.
-Merle and a few Woodbury soldiers will scout/attack the prison, and I think Merle will shoot Carol, who will take Loris death and fall on top of Judith. The rest of the group either hides or sneaks out of the prison temporarily while the Woodbury group leaves.
-When the Governor assesses the damage caused and sees Penny dead, he will swear revenge and truly go insane.
-Glenn and Maggie will still be held captive.
-Andrea is still at Woodbury, but is becoming more distrusting of the Governor.

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