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11-27-2012, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by MonsterSurge View Post
I don't feel like responding to your post
Then why did you?

but since when is Bobby Farnham in the same class as Asham and Engelland?
If you would simply read what you continue to respond to maybe you'd know the answer to this. Asham can play hockey and fight. Farnham can play hockey and fight. Engelland can play hockey and fight. Steve MacIntyre CAN NOT play hockey and fight.

Oh, and Godard wasn't that bad of a player and he was a GREAT team guy.
Being a great team guy does not make you a hockey player. If you've ever watched Godard "play" hockey, which clearly you haven't, you'd know if were 100% completely useless when his gloves were on. Same as Mac.

He left the bench to defend Brent Johnson.
Good thing, otherwise that whole thing would have boiled over into a huge circus and a joke that made the Penguins look like the Flyers of the 70's.

Oh wait...

Now, get out of the hockey fight section...You're clearly just trolling.
Ok, now I understand your replies without any bother of what you're actually responding to, and I even get that you have this weird obsession with goons pounding heads in as if that were the main objective or "goal" in hockey. The thing I don't get though is why you're trying to push me out of your little hockey fights clique going on here.

Also, I don't believe I am trolling, however on this Nazi-based website I'm sure I'm going to get fined for the internet crimes I've committed in this thread so far.

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