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11-27-2012, 12:34 PM
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The hockey resource Linus Omark have been not optimized by Edmonton Oilers.
This is not a debate on whos fault it was that Linus didn't succeed in the NHL and Edmonton (as i wrote earlier; i think there are many reasons). But one must ask oneself; What did Edmonton expect from Omark? How has he been scouted? And with what purpose did the manager aquire him to the team?

The thing with Omark is, and we who have seen him throughout his entiree career, is that he is a playmaker not a scorer. Stats show that very clearly. And if you actually look at him playing it's even more obvious.
In SEL, he was the prime playmaker behind Luleås success, and Johan Harju was the sniper (who has never been as good as when playing with Linus) who was producing most of the goals.

I do agree that a spot in the team should be earned (im a coach myself), but it's also about giving some type of players the enviroment, confidence and time that they need to get best results.

My opinion is that Linus Omark never really did get the "chance" in Oilers. His line-mates didn't have the right type of tool-box to play with Omark. That also includes the dull knife Magnus Pääjärvi, despite the moderate success when playing with him.

Minimum PP time, sub-par linemates is reasons that Omark didn't succeed as good as he could have. (No, im not saying Linus did everything perfect, in fact he did not. Didn't play his best game, when needed most).

If Linus don't fit the team - fine. But he has proven time and time again, that under the right conditions he can play good hockey. I do think that he can produce on NHL level, if someone finds the enviroment, confidence and time for him.

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