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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
although the analogy makes no sense, maybe the owners should try their recipe with different ingredients (players) and see if it taste as good.
I agree. The owners should bring in replacement players and see what happens if a deal can not be found in time to have a partial season. I would be very willing to try the new recipe with the new ingredients.

Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
actually they do, it's not like they can do whatever they want during summer for example (no training at all) without taking a stepback. Their salary is performance based, so to speak, so taking a stepback means less money on their next contract, whereas in other fields you could pretty much do whatever you want with your free time and still get the same salary.
Incorrect. Many players actually do whatever they want. Kaberle is just one example of a player who came back after a lazy summer and hasn't really suffered because of it. There are plenty of cases where players go off and live life during their time off and get back to work and conditioning for the season when training camp starts. Byfuglien, Kaberle and others over the years. Keep in mind, most players have guaranteed contracts. Nothing will happen that is too detrimental to a player on a contract who comes into camp a bit out of shape because he lived it up over the summer unless it is in a contract year. Want to bet how few players in contract years come to camp out of shape? Care to compare it to those guys who have longer term contracts?

As far as other careers allowing people to do whatever they want with their free time that is also not necessarily true. Many people work overtime that they do not get paid for because they want to keep their jobs. There are many others who work week-ends or other off hour times in order to ensure they still have a job. Players do not have to worry about those little things once they sign a contract. So, you are making some broad assumptions that aren't exactly accurate.

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