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11-27-2012, 11:56 AM
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Wow. They canned him for fixing matches. That's a bit of a shock. I didn't think they'd go that far with an established team. I would have fined him a ridiculous amount. Then started knocking down his stadium if he persisted.

How did they catch him? I would think that would be easy enough to hide.

I'll be selling a handful of good players if anyone is interested.
Rastislav Falk- 20yo 5/6 1058or center (68/94/78/96)
--6/6 at 18yo, I know his Off Q is low, but he was still one of my favorites.

Mark Yang- 21yo 4/6 1034or winger (79/80/74/94/95)
--First season at 4/6, three @ 5/6 and three @ 6/6

Marcel Archman- 21yo 5/6 1024or defense (99/57/87/84)
--6/6 at 18yo

Viktor Butylkin- 21yo 4/6 1025 defense (92/40/94/92)
--First season at 4/6, three @ 5/6, three @ 6/6.

Mikey Lentz- 20yo 4/6 1007or defense (85/83/89/83 +95shot)
--Second season @ 4/6 after four seasons @ 5/6.

I think that covers the important bits. I'll probably list them each for 10M. Is that too much?

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